Wild Vines: Local wine bar serves up vino and more

Wild Vines 

Local wine bar serves up vino and more.

By Andrew Leach


Wild Vines may be billed as a wine bar, but it offers up more than vino. In addition to a robust wine selection, you’ll find culinary gems too.

When you arrive, you’re sure to be greeted by the bartender or a server with a smile. There’s open seating, so feel free to select a table inside or outside, whichever fits your preference. Many patrons choose to sit at the bar. While the restaurant is not overall very large, there are plenty of places to pick to sit.

The menu has a good variety of items ranging over a few culinary genres. Most of the items are designed more for sharing than a traditional restaurant menu. As a group of four, our party decided to select three items to start with from the shareable section of the menu. While we waited for these dishes, we were given a complimentary basket of warmed bread with a dish of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

First up was the hummus and tzatziki plate ($10). This is a large dish and can be easily shared. The plate includes a selection of warmed pita bread, as well as sliced cucumbers to dip into the house made hummus. The tart tzatziki has a touch of dill that also goes well on the pita. The plate also has marinated olives and diced cherry tomatoes to further construct delicate bites. Don’t worry, more pita may be requested. The hummus had a nice flavor and was not overpowering. When the hummus and tzatziki were mixed together on a piece of pita, the flavors melded into each other perfectly and were delicious.

Next, we tackled the wrapped asparagus ($8), five fresh stalks of asparagus that are wrapped with prosciutto and then steamed. The bright flavor of the asparagus mixed with the saltiness of the cured ham is a perfect combination. The stalks are a thicker cut, and could have been steamed a tad longer, but overall it was a nice starter item. Since it came with five stalks it was another easy dish to share amongst the four of us.

The cheese board rounded out the appetizers we ordered. The board comes in two sizes at different prices. The small cheese board ($14) comes with three cheese selections, while the large cheese board ($18) comes with four cheese selections. We chose the larger board after hearing the eight different selections of cheeses to pick from; it became difficult to narrow it down to just three. Our selections: Brie, smoked Gouda, a spicy Havarti, and a goat cheese. The cheese selections come sliced and ready for sharing. The selections are served with warmed baguette and sliced salami. Complementing the cheese are fresh grapes, marcona almonds, and dark chocolate (a delightful surprise) Each cheese we selected added different notes with the accompanying other selections and for beverage pairing. The cheese board is a lot of food, and if you only want to order one item from the shareable menu, I would highly recommend this one, as you get the most for the money, but also the most in flavor. With the ability to choose from the wines they have you can cater the plate to all tastes and craft an assortment of enticing combinations.

We had more conversation to enjoy, so we decided to select two more items from the favorites section of the menu. The first item we opted for was the Vines famous spicy meatballs ($14). This dish is three slightly larger than golf ball sized meatballs that are a blend of Angus beef and spicy sausage. They’re served on a spicy tomato sauce and topped with melted Mozzarella cheese. While the meatballs had some kick, they will not burn your palate. They were very flavorful and not too dense.

The last item we shared was from the flatbread selections. We chose the Margherita flatbread ($10). It was sliced into four triangles that you can hold easily with your fingers. Expect a light crust covered in melted cheese and topped with a lightly sliced cooked tomato piece. It’s then drizzled with balsamic vinegar and a quick chiffonade of basil. While it’s a very pleasant dish to share, there are four other flatbreads to choose from as well.

Wild Vines is a pleasant place to sit and talk, while enjoying quality food. The service was unobtrusive but knowledgeable, especially about different types of wine selections. For non-drinkers, such as myself, they do also serve chilled mineral water and have a soda selection. On the Saturday night we visited, a live music duo were setting up and were ready to add another layer of enjoyment for the crowd on hand. The outdoor seating selections do have tables with a heat element, so even on a chilly night it would be a nice place to relax. The next time you drive by Wild Vines, remember that it offers up more than just a great glass of vino.


Wild Vines

(623) 465-0010

41111 Daisy Mountain Dr. #117, Anthem

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