The Time for Change is Now

Healthy eating should be a lifestyle

By Dr. Brian Hester, Back to Health of Anthem

Eating healthy can be confusing and difficult without help or guidance. I mean, most people admit it’s easier to grab something on the go than prepare for what they will eat later. The one thing I know for sure, “You can’t medicate your way out of a problem that you behaved your way into.”

The thing is, eating healthy is such a crucial part to living to your optimum potential. A healthy body craves healthy things and to live healthily and happily, we need to nourish our bodies with foods that help fight disease, not support it. These foods will keep us healthy and ultimately supply us with more energy to live longer and more productive lives.

Did you know unhealthy eating can lead to:

• Autoimmune diseases

• Constant bloating and IBS symptoms

• Headaches and changes in mood

• Arthritis and joint pain

• Skin issues (acne, eczema, etc.)

• Constant lethargy and decreased energy

• Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer

In reality, there is never going to be a perfect time to change your eating habits. Birthdays are coming, then weddings, vacations, business trips, and anything and everything else in between to celebrate milestones and things we achieve. It’s called life.

At Back to Health of Anthem, we teach healthy eating as a lifestyle, not something we start and stop when we feel necessary. This way, it can be incorporated at all times of our hectic lives. Whether your goal is to lose excess weight, feel better or do things you haven’t been able to do in a while, education is key to figuring out how to nourish your body from the inside out. After all, if our health is our most important asset, why not start today and treat it that way?


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