The Real Superheroes of the Valley

Adv.Fit’s obstacle course helps at-risk children

By Octavio Serrano

Brett and Kristen Stewart are passionate about helping the community and especially at-risk children.

The Stewarts and their staff at Adv.Fit is hosting the Superhero Scramble, an all-ages obstacle course that benefits Put on the Cape: A Foundation for Hope.

“We’re really passionate about helping out charity, especially helping children and at-risk kids,” says Brett Stewart, event director of Adv.Fit. “When we had the opportunity to do the Superhero Scramble, it was just serendipitous. We were psyched to do it.”

The course will be open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, October 26, at Norterra Canyon School. Tickets are $25; children who are 5 and younger can try for free.

“There are 12 obstacles and challenges and they are geared toward any age, so it’s a course that is fun for the entire family,” Brett says. “For a lot of the adults or even the kids, it’ll be the first time they get to climb a wall or a cargo net and different types of monkey bars.”

Brett says they scheduled the event near Halloween, so kids can feel comfortable dressing up. Along with raising funds, the Stewarts want to improve children’s confidence by encouraging them to try obstacles they’ve never attempted.

“There’s a little bit of fear factor, too,” he says. “There’s some apprehension to climbing over things that they’ve never been over before. We love the look on the kid’s face when he accomplishes something and they’re thrilled to do it again.”

Kristen says the reaction she sees on children who accomplish the obstacles is priceless.

“This is great for building confidence in the kids,” Kristen says. “Their confidence, from one day to the next, is empowering to them.”

Volunteers will make sure everyone is safe. In addition, Kristen and Brett say they will show children correct technique. They aren’t too easy on the kids, though.

“We don’t want to give them too much background. We want them to learn how to do it themselves,” Brett says.

“The good thing about the obstacle course is that, even if the parents don’t want to participate, they can go out and help their kids through the obstacles and cheer them on,” Brett says. “It’s not like a run where somebody runs by and they’re gone in 3 seconds.”

Put on the Cape: A Foundation for Hope founder Sean Reavie is a child crimes detective in the Valley. He is excited to be part of an event that will bring kids and superheroes together. 

“It’s going to be a fun day of kids having fun, like kids are supposed to do, with their families,” Reavie says. “We’re going to bring about 10 or 15 of our superheroes for pictures.”

“It’s a great community to begin with, and community comes together in different ways to help people. It’s important to bring the community together for something positive and uplifting.”

For Reavie, however, the event shares with the community child abuse statistics.

“It’s an opportunity to come out and have fun, and at the same time, know you are making an impact for children who have had that joy of life taken away from them,” Reavie says. “Those are the children my foundation is trying to empower.”

People are often surprised, Reavie says, when he tells them the number of children who were unable to live a normal childhood.

“What I try to do is marry things like this event with Brett and my superheroes, and make a positive, engaging event to open that line of communication to educate the community about the very real and horrible statistics of child abuse,” Reavie says.

The Anthem couple has demonstrated the power that local businesses have in the community, by blending theirs with a local cause. Together, they hope to continue the event next year and spread awareness for children in need.

Although Adv.Fit enjoys putting on events for private companies, at-risk children have impacted them.

“Superheroes are great, and we love putting on events, but we jumped at the chance because we love how passionate all of these people are about the charity,” Brett says.   

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