The BCHS Choir Program showcases talented students

The Sound of Music

The BCHS Choir Program showcases talented students.

By Emma Suttell

In April, the Boulder Creek High School Choir Program traveled to Burbank, California, to participate in the Burroughs Music Showcase for the first time in the program’s history. Led by directors Kirk Douglas and Nancie Tobison, Boulder Creek presented five choirs at the competition, including Bel Canto Honor Choir, Broadway Bound, Bella Voce, Heart and Soul, and the Madrigal Singers.

BCHS’ three concert choirs came close to taking the top three places in their individual competition, with Bel Canto Honor Choir taking home second place, Bella Voce receiving third, and Madrigals earning fourth. Additionally, Bel Canto Honor Choir earned a special reward, Best Male Sound.

Perhaps the most unexpected result of the competition came from Broadway Bound, Boulder Creek’s Mixed Show Choir. The choir, made up of a mix of students of all grades, placed third, an outcome that they never expected, since the Burroughs Music Showcase was the first competition with a show choir division that the Boulder Creek Jaguars attended.

What exactly is show choir? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not quite like the popular television show, Glee, but the concept is relatively similar. Show choir combines choral technique with dancing, and for Broadway Bound in particular, a strong repertoire of selections from the musical theatre genre. Broadway Bound lept into competition with a set that told a story, an unusual move for West Coast show choirs, which usually focus on an upbeat set with lots of flair.

Both of the high school’s show choirs, Broadway Bound and Heart and Soul, entered the competition with sets that were handpicked by Kirk and custom arranged for the performers. Heart and Soul, a show choir consisting of all female students, took home sixth place in their own division. Alongside their placement in the competition, one student in particular was awarded for her performance: Abby Davis, a senior in the program. The Best Performer Award named one student in each choir based on their in-the-moment performance; for Broadway Bound, it was sophomore Erin Burgard.

The choirs have been working on their sets for several months, and for some, since the fall. The competition proved that their hard work paid off, but in the end, most students noted the newfound relationships with their peers that they had developed throughout the year. Although their concerts have ended for the year, you can look forward to four more concerts next year, one for each quarter of the school year. You can find more information about the program on



Second Place: Bel Canto Mixed Honor Choir
Third Place: Bella Voce Women’s Choir

Fourth Place: Madrigal Singers



Third Place: Broadway Bound Mixed Show Choir



Senior Abby Davis



Sophomore Erin Burgard



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