Teach Your Daughter Well: Life coach Dr. Chris Wylie talks about the influence a father can have on his daughter’s worldview.

Teach Your Daughter Well

Life coach Dr. Chris Wylie talks about the influence a father can have on his daughter’s worldview.

As a father of two amazing girls, I wanted to speak to the fathers out there. As a life coach, I teach parenting classes, and more and more fathers are coming and asking questions that really hit home!


The main point I try to teach fathers is that they matter in their daughters’ understanding of how to be a friend and eventually a wife. A father’s influence in his daughter’s life shapes her self-esteem, self-image, confidence, and opinions of men. How a father talks to his wife will serve as an example for his daughter to build from in her own life.


Every father wants to protect his daughters and teach them about relationships, but most men never talk to their daughters about it. This is such a weird topic for many teenage girls to begin with, so talking to their father about boys has become something that almost never happens. With this in mind, I urge fathers to take a few minutes and read this article to their daughters and then have a discussion to see what blossoms within the hearts of both daddy and daughter.


Before you let your daughter out of your house with a young man:


  1. Teach your daughter to acknowledge that problems exist, and show her how to talk about them confidently with a man.
  2. Tell your daughter not to repress her emotions and disregard her own needs in a relationship with a man.
  3. Tell her not to deny, ignore, or avoid difficult emotions for the sake of keeping a relationship with a man.
  4. Tell her how important it is for her to stay connected with who she is in the relationship.
  5. Teach her how to talk things out without fear of losing him.
  6. Teach her not to be afraid to confront her boyfriend when he bothers her or wants her to do something that she disagrees with.
  7. Tell her not to be afraid to express her true emotions and feelings.
  8. Teach her how to trust someone while staying true to herself.
  9. Show her how to identify her emotions and deal with them without the help of a man.
  10. Teach her how to place greater attention on her mental and physical health before trying to save or nurture someone else.
  11. Tell her not sacrifices her needs to impress a man.

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