Surprise your pop on Father’s Day with these homemade crafts

To Dad, with Love

Surprise your pop on Father’s Day with these homemade crafts.

By Shannon Fisher

Photos by Shannon Fisher Photography

June is here, which means Father’s Day is right around the corner. I know in 85085, there’re lots of great dads to celebrate. With that in mind, here are some easy crafts you can make at home to show your dad how much you care. Most of the materials can be found at the dollar store or a craft store.

Heartfelt Message

Make a note for dad that is from the heart. We used the saying, “A Daughter May Outgrow Your Lap, but Not Your Heart.” We used a small box we found at the dollar store. We painted it and added some blue sparkly scrapbook paper to the center. We cut out the typed message and glued that on to the blue paper. You could paint a message on as well or even use sticker letters. Whatever you write to dad, I’m sure he will love the heartfelt message.

Tape Art

Another way to create a message is by using colorful tape. We used a colorful craft tape to write the message, “I Love You Dad.” After the message is taped down, you can color over it with crayon or markers. We left the tape, but if you use blue painters tape, you can easily peel up the tape after the paint or markers have dried. You can frame the art or use a craft glue like mod podge to paste it to a wood board so that it stands up. Allow your art to dry and you have a unique lettered gift for dad.

Roll Up Card

A roll up card is an easy craft for anyone to make. Take craft sticks and lay out how many you will need to write your message. Next, use a craft tape or hot glue string to each of the sticks, leaving a little space between each stick so that they can be rolled up when the message is complete. Tape or glue on both sides of the sticks all the way around. Next, use a permanent marker to write your message on each stick. Roll it up and tie it with ribbon or string for a special note for dad.

I hope all of these crafts are easy for you to make for that special guy in your life. Wising all the local dads a happy Father’s Day!

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