Smoothie Operators

Smoothie Operators

Lifestyle 2 Nutrition makes transformative shakes and teas

By Eric Newman

At Lifestyle 2 Nutrition in Anthem, visitors can sip on a chilly “Blue Monkey,” drink some sweet “Cake Batter,” or even consume a little “Elvis” (peanut butter and banana, anyone?). The nutrition store, owned by Lanie Sybouts and her brother, Wes Mason, specializes in low-calorie protein shakes and green tea drinks aimed at helping people reach their nutrition and health goals.

We caught up with Lanie to ask a few questions about what motivates her, and what her products can do for people looking to change their diets and lives.

What motivated you to open this store? I understand you were a professional athlete.

Yes, I came from a cycling background. I was a professional rider, and I’ve always been into health. I just tried one of the shakes at another store one time, and I wanted another career change, so I opened up my own store, and I wanted to help people lose weight. That’s my whole focus now, because there’s so much obesity here in the country, and I want to get people on the right track.

What are the biggest benefits for people who drink your shakes?

Protein. It’s a meal replacement. You need a certain amount to maintain energy and function, and if you’re coming in drinking two shakes a day, you’re getting pretty much all the protein you need, while still being low in calories and sugar. You see a lot of people lacking energy, and when those people have the shakes, they have a huge increase in energy immediately, and brain fog goes away a lot of the time.

Have you seen any big transformations in people’s bodies and health?

There was a husband and wife team that I got on the program, and the woman lost 50 pounds, and the husband lost a ton and really leaned out. He’s a totally different person. They both didn’t realize how much of a transformation they’d had until I showed them pictures of both before and after. It still gives me chills to see how it helps people.

In addition to protein shakes, you have a lot of tea products, too. What are some of the benefits of those?

They have a lot of natural antioxidants. The caffeine actually boosts metabolism, and we add aloe into our teas, which helps you with the absorption, and it also aids in intestinal health. So, it kind of sets your body up in order to receive all the nutrition that you’re going to get out of the shake.

What would you tell someone who’s new to this type of store or this type of a lifestyle that you’re selling? How do you get people interested?

Well, they just come in here and with their mouths open – first-timers and third – just looking at the menu, surprised how many awesome flavors there are. We guide them through the different ingredients, and it’s all about education. So whether they just want to come in here and have a shake, or whether they want to lose weight, or they even want to gain weight and muscle, I can help.

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