Show Some Love: Local psychologist Chris Wylie offers suggestions on how to show your sons and daughters you love them!

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Local psychologist Chris Wylie offers suggestions on how to show your sons and daughters you love them!


Fathers, here are a few ways you can communicate love to your daughters! 


Write a note and enclose a gift. Give it to her before she goes to school. Do this when she isn’t expecting it! Keep it short and sweet. Let her know how much you love and cherish her. A few flowers won’t hurt, either.

Spend one-on-one time with your daughter. Find one day a week (or at least a few hours) when you dedicate your attention solely to her, and try your best not to bring your phone! (If you have more than one daughter, don’t do the exact same thing with each one. They all need to feel special in their own way.)

Be a father that listens. Try your best to listen to the entire story! No matter how long or random the topics get, allow her to give you her side of anything. Try not to include any opinions or corrections you might have. Just listening and acknowledging that you are there for her goes a long way in your relationship with your daughter!

Give her information about your feelings and life. Don’t assume your daughter knows everything about you. However, do assume that she wants to get to know you in detail! Share with her your feelings, and provide details about who you are as a person. Tell her stories from when you were growing up. Sometimes, adult men have a hard time going into detail, but this will show your daughter that you are open to her being a part of your life.

Listen without advising. Many fathers feel that their only responsibility is to teach and instruct their child about what to do and how things are done correctly. They often provide correction all the time. Even the smallest of things is snatched away from the daughter’s control, and Super Dad comes in to “teach” her how to do it.


Mothers, here are a few suggestions for loving your sons!

Don’t always push for a detailed explanation of his feeling and emotions. Learn that just because he doesn’t sit down with you for a cup of tea, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want you in his life. Boys––like men––share their feeling differently, and expecting him to share every detail of his life is unrealistic.

Let others know how proud you are of your son. The next time you are in a social setting or thumbing through Facebook, announce to the world and your friends––while he is watching––how amazing your son is in every way. Be specific, though—too much bragging is never too much as long as it’s about something he’s done well!

Learn more about what hobbies he enjoys, and show an active interest. Let him know that his interests are your interests. Don’t become a chauffeur and drop him off at his favorite activities Show him some respect and privacy. This can be hard for some parents to respect their children. As adults, we require our children to show respect to us and to people around us. But we rarely put those same demands on ourselves. So the next time you want to go through his things or spy on him through Instagram, try asking him first!

Let him help you do something. Boys are like men, and they enjoy feeling needed and appreciated. Mothers, give your son an opportunity to show you how strong, capable, and knowledgeable he is!

––I want to thank my wife and two girls for helping me with this wonderful article. Daddy really learned a lot from your input!

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