Quick Crafts

Quick Crafts

Try these simple projects to help your kids get into a school bound state of mind.

By Shannon Fisher, Photos by Shannon Fisher Photography


Summer flew by and kids are getting set to head back to school. With that in mind, here are some crafts to get the kiddos thinking about the school year ahead of them.


Bookmarks are easy to make with ribbon and little stuffed animals, felt, fleece, or stickers. Make the ribbon as tall as your biggest book. Usually 8 to 12 inches is enough. Next decide what you want on the top of the ribbon that will stick out of the book. We chose a llama sticker since my youngest loves them. We cut around the sticker and peeled off the back where it would stick to the ribbon. You could use felt to make a design or glue a small stuffed animal for the top as well. Whatever you choose can be stitched to the ribbon or you can use hot glue as an adhesive. Keep in mind that small pieces and ribbon can be a choking hazard for young children.

Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmations placed in a folder or lunch box are a great way to let your kids or family members know you’re thinking of them. Ever since my girls have been in school, I try to put a note in their lunch every day. This year, we all made notes of affirmation and put them in a drawer to grab for lunches or folders. Spend time with your children picking out pretty cardstock and choosing vibrant markers to write down words of encouragement. You can decorate them with stickers or ribbons as well. My family loves to read them while away for the day. I hope yours do too.

Reminder Hearts

Little hand sewn hearts can help kids have a reminder of your love to keep with them as they head off to school and can be kept in their pocket or backpack. To make, cut 2- to 4-inch hearts from fleece material. Next, stitch around the heart with a needle and string, leaving a little space to stuff with some fluff or tissue. You can also add some scented filler like lavender, if you want it to have a special smell. After it’s filled to your liking, just sew up the little hole and now you and your child have a special reminder that you’re thinking of him or her.

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