Post-Turkey Plans

Post-Turkey Plans

Five fab activities to stave off boredom and burn calories

By Shelley Sakala


The plates are cleared, the dishes are washed and the leftovers are loaded into the fridge. You’re sitting around with family and friends, with the top button of your jeans unsnapped (to ease digestion) as you fight off the effects of the tryptophan. Another Thanksgiving dinner is in the books. With the final few minutes of the football game ticking down, you want nothing more than to succumb to the food coma and fall into a deep autumn nap. But with a house full of guests, sleep is not on the menu today. It’s time for you to entertain. So what in the world can you do in Phoenix on Thanksgiving? Quite a lot, actually…

Hit the Movies

Ten big films are being released this month, ranging from reboots of The Grinch and Robin Hood to the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody to sequels for Creed, Wreck-It Ralph and Fantastic Beasts (from the Harry Potter universe). Send your guests over to The Shops at Norterra, where Harkins Norterra 14 will be open for Thanksgiving. No matter how full everyone is, there’s always room for popcorn. While this might not be the most active of activities, it’s a great way to clear your house of relatives while you tidy up the kitchen and maybe even take that nap you’ve been craving.

Take a Hike

Need to walk off that dinner? Our own backyards feature 36 miles of hiking and walking trails! The Sonoran Preserve features desert beauty your out-of-towners will love (you’ll chuckle at how many pictures of cacti they take). And your after-dinner hikes can be tailored for all ages and skill levels. Whether it’s a 10-minute stroll or a 3-hour quad-burning power hike, the whole experience feels very Arizona. If you want to feel even better about that second helping of mashed potatoes, knock out your hike in the morning, before you eat. Trail maps and planning tools are available at Safety tip: Don’t overestimate your hiking skills or your endurance. No one wants to take that $15,000 Air Evac helicopter to the hospital. And bring water. Not Diet Coke. Not beer. Water.

Prepare to Shop

With Black Friday looming, the die-hard shoppers should begin stretching, warming up and strapping on the body armor in advance of the doorbuster specials. Details and hours vary, but expect big things from Walmart, Best Buy and the Outlets at Anthem. Less hectic shopping experiences can be had at The Shops at Norterra and the Happy Valley Towne Center. And other low-key bargains are available at locally-owned shops throughout 85085 and 85086. For PhD-level home decorators, Black Friday is an excellent time to score a deal on Thanksgiving décor to be purchased and put away for next year.

Howl at the Moon

Spend the evening in a room full of ice! Your Arizona Coyotes host the Colorado Avalanche the day after Thanksgiving. Throw on a scarf and a beanie (“Toque” if you’re Canadian; “Tuque” if you’re extremely Canadian) and head to the arena for some NHL action. Westgate is a fun destination, and the home ice of Gila River Arena is about as close as most Phoenicians get to a traditional winter. Coyotes games are a great place to hoot, holler and pound on the glass for 60 minutes before returning home for leftover turkey sandwiches.

Get Ready to Rock

Blast your guests back to the early 2000s with a Black Friday concert featuring pop-punk band Good Charlotte, playing live at the Van Buren in downtown Phoenix. The band behind the top 20 hit “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” has sold more than 11 million albums. Odds are you’ll recognize more than a handful of danceable tunes throughout the show. And unofficially, all that jumping in place counts toward your Fitbit steps.

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