Kuma’s Great Adventures

Estes Park, Colorado

Told by Kuma and written by Lorraine Bossé-Smith

This past weekend, my dad got the boat ready and hooked up to the car. I got excited to go on an adventure of the boating kind. The doorbell rang, and two adult humans with two little ones arrived. These kids were full of energy and immediately began chasing me around the house—and I loved every minute of it. They threw toys at me, and we played. We ran and ran until my tongue got big. I forgot all about the boat—until they all left without me. Wait, what? How did that happen? Apparently there just wasn’t enough room for me. I was disappointed, but I was also tired from all the excitement. I decided a nap was in order, and I could dream about adventures of day’s past.

What came to mind was a neat town on Highway 34 west in Northern Colorado called Estes Park. It was only 45 minutes from our house in Loveland, and we would walk around it often. Estes Park sits at 7,522 miles high and is the gateway to the Rocky Mountain National Park. It is known for having elk cross the streets and has neat shops and restaurants. On this particular outing, we chose to walk around Lake Estes located at 500 Big Thompson Avenue.

The high peaks of the Rocky Mountains had snow on them, but the skies were blue. The path is paved and has great views of the park, town, and the famous Stanley Hotel. Lake Estes is actually a reservoir and is open May to early October. Some humans were in paddle boats while others fishing. We took a great stroll around the four-mile lake, saying hi to human and canine alike. Even if you just wanted to sit and enjoy the scenery, Lake Estes is a great place to hang out, especially when it is hot here in Phoenix.

Unlike the Rocky Mountain National Park (dogs are only allowed in the parking lots, not the trails), Estes Park and Lake Estes are dog friendly. You’ll find bowls of water throughout town, and several shops have doggy treats for good boys like me. If you haven’t been to Estes Park or the lake, make a point to do so this summer to cool off. It’s easy to get there, and the views are dream worthy.

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