Kuma enjoys a local bike path

Rolling Along

Kuma enjoys a local bike path.

Told by Kuma & Written by Lorraine Bossé-Smith

As you know, my family takes me on all kinds of adventures. When my folks were getting all their biking equipment out and loading up the car, I was bummed. I thought that meant I was going to have a boring day at home. Oh, how wrong I was. I totally forgot about my Kuma Kart. It’s a doghouse on wheels. I kid you not; it has a sunroof for me to stick my head out and everything.

We drove just a short way to the Sonoran Parkway here on the north end of Phoenix. We pulled over to a dirt parking lot just past the gated community (last houses for now on the parkway until the new development is completed down by the Apache Wash trailhead). My dad unloaded everything, and once they had their helmets on, we were on our way. I don’t always go biking, but when I do, I go in style. Weeeeee!

The paved path begins here and winds its away down to Apache Wash and continues on. It follows the Sonoran Parkway, but it’s tucked in the desert enough that you don’t hear the traffic until you get closer to the trailhead parking lot. It’s a beautiful path and has some shade shelters along the way for hot desert days.

We passed many people who were walking and some other bikers. Every single one of them took a double take at me. I think they were expecting to see a baby human in the kart. Instead, my smiling face—tongue flapping in the wind—was popping out that sunroof. Ha! It made them smile, and that made my mommy laugh. I love when she laughs.

I thought we would turn around at Apache Wash, but the adventure continued. My folks locked up their bikes near the restrooms, and we went hiking. Could life get any better? It was a busy day, so I got lots of attention. No complaints from me. We chose the loop that goes around the base of the mountain, which is about 2½ miles. The beginning has a few small inclines, but the rest of it is relatively flat.

I drank plenty of water, as did my humans, and back on the bike path we went. I got to rest and enjoy the aromas of nature as my mom and dad peddled their way back to the car (about 3 miles or 6 miles round trip). We live in such an amazing place. Life is truly good, amigo.


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