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Attorney Sam Crump fills the froyo void

By Octavio Serrano

Sam Crump has led a long and successful career as a military and civil attorney. When he was looking to open a new business, a frozen yogurt shop was the obvious choice.

“I was just drawn to having a retail store and was thinking about different things I would enjoy doing and that I didn’t already see being fulfilled in the community,” Crump says.

Sam’s Frozen Yogurt has been part of Anthem for more than a year, and it is proud to say it puts quality before quantity.

“I’ve always liked frozen yogurt, so I knew immediately I wanted to carry a particular product called Honey Hill Farms out of Arkansas,” Crump says. “So, I traveled to Arkansas and visited its factory and it became my vendor. I just think it’s the best product out there.”

Sam’s Frozen Yogurt carries a variety of flavors and toppings. Crump says most of its products are low fat or nonfat. It also offers seasonal flavors for the more festive costumers.

“I have pineapple, which is called ‘Pineapple Whip’ and I’m serving that with coconut. So, if you blend them together, it tastes like a pina colada,” Crump says.

Other flavors include peanut butter, cookies and cream, plain tart, chocolate and coconut. Crump says he will have a local tropical frozen yogurt favorite, “Tiger’s Blood,” back in the shop soon.

“It’s about creating a fun experience where they get to serve it themselves and have a choice of 36 toppings,” Crump says. “We have everything from chocolate chips and Oreos to gummy worms.”

As most frozen yogurt shops, Sam’s Frozen Yogurt’s prices vary depending on the weight of the final serving. Crump says guests can get frozen yogurt for $2 to $10. Because of his fair prices, Crump says his place is perfect for younger crowds and families.

In an attempt to be different, Crump steered away from a colorful motif. Instead, he went darker.

“I wanted my décor to be unique compared to most of these franchises you see out there,” Crump says. “I went with a more of an industrial farm look with concrete floors.”

Sam’s Frozen Yogurt added a bit of diversity to Crump’s entrepreneurial portfolio. It also serves as a reminder that opening a business can be fun. Crump wants to deliver that experience to his customers.

“It’s a great place to come and have fun. It’s an affordable treat to our people,” Crump says.  

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