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Walmart adds vehicle charging stations to Anthem store

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

In collaboration with Electrify America, Walmart is making life a little more convenient for electric vehicle drivers.

Charging stations have been added to select Walmart Supercenters, including the newest one in Anthem at 4435 W. Anthem Way. This allows busy families to charge their electric vehicles while they shop. It’s part of a broader plan to develop a coast-to-coast EV charging network, which would make Walmart one of the largest retail hosts of EV charging stations across the United States.

The fastest EV chargers available

Electrify America chargers at Walmart stores are available to the public for use 24 hours a day and feature 150 kilowatt (kW) and 350kW DC fast chargers—among the most powerful EV chargers on the market. At this power, chargers can fill capable vehicles at speeds of up to 20 miles of range per minute. The Electrify America charging stations at Walmart stores offer CCS connectors and CHAdeMO chargers, meaning almost every EV model on the road can charge there.

Coast-to-coast convenience

With the Electrify America – Walmart collaboration, electric vehicle drivers can travel across the country on major interstates and highways with a large concentration of EV chargers along U.S. interstates. In many cases, EV drivers have the option to solely recharge at Walmart stores during their travels. More than 130 Walmart stores offer Electrify America EV charging options and additional stations are expected to be installed at stores across 46 states.

“Along with providing our customers with an enhanced shopping experience through added convenience, this initiative also allows us to contribute to the expansion and accessibility of our nation’s EV charging station infrastructure,” says Mark Vanderhelm, vice president of energy for Walmart Inc. “Many of our Walmart associates and customers are EV drivers so providing access to these stations is the right thing to do for our customers, our business and the environment.”

The Electrify America chargers at Walmart stores are simple to use:

  Plug in and follow instructions on touchscreen to begin charging session by inserting credit or debit card.

  Option available to receive text message notifications of status of charging session.

  Electrify America’s mobile app makes charging even easier.

  Drivers can shop while the vehicle charges.

Walmart is hoping to be powered with 100% renewable energy, aiming to power 50% of its operations with renewable energy by 2025. The collaboration with Electrify America reinforces Walmart’s broader mission to spark collective action to drive environmental sustainability and provide customers access to sustainable options. 

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