Inside Out

Inside Out

By Eric Newman

Spartan Home Services offers interior and exterior cleaning

When David Hartman moved to Anthem from northern Michigan
with his fiancée Carmen Jordan, they had one goal: Keep the north Phoenix area
beautiful. They aim to do it one property at a time.

With children already living in the area, and wishing to
find warmer weather, the pair settled in the Valley in July and opened Spartan
Home Services. Spartan is a do-it-all service intended to keep up houses and
give residents one less thing on their to-do list.

From one-time house cleaning to semi-annual move-in or
move-out cleaning services for temporary residents, Spartan offers pretty much
everything for homes in the area.

The company offers a variety of services to clean, landscape
and maintain property, rather than just specializing in one area. The vast
number of different services is what Hartman believes sets the company apart.

“It seems like you either have landscaping companies that
just do outside work and they end up charging more and have an hour minimum, or
you have just a maid service to clean inside and that’s all they do. We’re one
of the few that I have seen the crossover and can do either one,” Hartman says.
“Overall it’s based strictly on how we can help you.”

Working directly from their home in Anthem, Hartman and
Jordan have made themselves a part of the north Valley community and are often
a short drive or even a walk from the properties they are keeping up.

Hartman has made an active effort to get out and meet as
many people as possible in the area, both for business purposes and for
socialization. In order to become a staple in the community, Hartman finds it
important to form close relationships, which will eventually lead to
recommendations and more opportunities.

“The people that I’ve met in Anthem have just been amazing.
We couldn’t be happier with where we chose to put our roots down and it is just
a very natural thing for us to try to grow a business among the people with
whom we see and talk to every day,” he says.

Currently, Spartan Home Services is growing its clientele
and is especially looking to find customers that need routine maintenance on a
repeat schedule. The biggest goal, Hartman says, is putting himself in front of
new clients.

From there, he believes the quality of service, matched with
his company’s ideal of being personable and easy to work with, will do the rest
of the talking.

“I am good with personal interaction, and it’s something
that I’ve done in the past with being a real estate agent and having been a
flight instructor. Being able to sit and talk to people, finding out what the
customer needs and how I can help them, I believe, gives us a bit of a leg up.
You’re dealing directly with us, and we’ll get right down to the service without
all the extra stuff,” he says.

For more information or to schedule service, call
623-231-7583 or visit 

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