Incorporate tires into your workout for total body fitness

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Incorporate tires into your workout for total body fitness.

By Stephanie Dorworth

Model: Zach Dorworth

Around the Valley, a workout trend has been spreading. I’m referencing the workout trend using tires. Many gyms have them lying around and some primal gyms use them as the sole form of weight for strength training and conditioning.

As a fitness expert, I can tell you that incorporating tires amps up your workout. Not only because the tires weigh a lot, but also because using them involves a lot of compound movements that work more than one muscle group at a time. Plus, tire workouts are guaranteed to leave you out of breath.

The tires used for working out range from roughly 50 to 600 pounds (the larger being tractor tires). Their size and weight can be intimidating. Even more intimidating is what to do with these darn things. Besides trying to lift them overhead, there are many diverse ways to utilize them.

Tires can be used for strength, power, conditioning, and cardio. Therefore they’re good for athletes, bodybuilders, or just anyone who wants to get fitter. The bonus, tires provide an inexpensive total body workout.

For tire workouts, use the size tire you have access to or one that provides a challenge. If you can flip it only a few times, then it’s probably too large, so pick one that you can flip over for about 10 repetitions.

Try this tire workout. Perform these three exercises in a circuit in sets of 10 without rest breaks––if possible.


Tire Flips

Purpose: Strength and cardio

Setup: Start in a squat with your hands underneath the tire.

Action: Lift the tire up and then push it in order to flip it over. Repeat quickly for a cardiovascular workout.


Tire Deadlifts

Purpose: Strength

Setup: Start by standing in the center of the tire while gripping with an overhand grip.

Action: Perform a deadlift by standing upright while holding the tire, and then lower back down.


Tire (Box) Jumps

Purpose: Conditioning

Setup: Start in a squat facing the tire.

Action: Jump up onto the tire into a squat and then back onto the ground where you started.



Here are some other exercise options that can be performed using the tire

Tricep dips

Pushups (regular, incline, or decline)

Lateral jumps


Overhead presses

Upright rows

Front raises

Broad jumps over the tire

Calf raises off the edge

Chest presses

Squats (holding the tire)

Sit-ups (holding the tire to the ceiling)

Tire slams (from overhead to slamming it down)

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