Hair Regeneration: Dr. Kelly Collins explains how you can get the healthy, lustrous locks you crave

Hair Regeneration: Dr. Kelly Collins explains how you can get the healthy, lustrous locks you crave. 

We all want thick, shiny, voluminous, healthy hair. Once we come into this world as newborn babies, we stop producing new hair follicles. And, many factors in our lives determine the level of hair health for both men and women.

Genetics and hormonal imbalances and changes like childbirth, menopause, increased testosterone, and under-functioning thyroid have a huge impact on our hair growth. Then, consider lifestyle factors such as stress, dieting, and medications, which affect hair thickness and volume, as well. All these things weaken our hair follicles and can even cause the production of new hair growth to stop completely.

While it’s normal for each of us to shed some hair every day through the natural cycle of hair re-growth, it’s completely possible to lose up to 50 percent of our hair due to the death of our follicles before we even notice that our hair has become thin and sparse!

There’s much hope in the field of hair restoration, though, and this condition is completely treatable with incredible results. Finding a well-educated and well-trained healthcare provider, especially one who is Bauman Certified is the key to success in getting the hair we crave. There are multiple therapy treatments available and an individualized treatment plan will be created for your specific needs.

Encouraging new hair growth for a patient is a multi-dimensional process. It’s so important to support the hair follicles to produce new hair growth from many different levels. The end results will be extremely satisfying, so trusting your healthcare provider to create a plan for you, is the first step in the process. You can expect your Bauman Certified hair practitioner to guide you through the following steps on your hair restoration journey:

  1. Providing nutrients that encourage the hair follicles to awaken and produce new hair growth is key. There’re many nutritional supplements that support the hair re-growth process, depending on what your needs are when you set up your consultation. These supplements are backed with numerous clinical studies and are proven to yield amazing results.
  2. Prescribing medications from a compounding pharmacy that include organic botanicals and nutrients to yield powerful benefits. Your physician will know what compounded medications will be best for your needs.
  3. Providing topicals that you can apply to the scalp twice a day to give you anti-oxidants needed for new hair growth. These topicals also decrease inflammation, which commonly occurs if stress or lifestyle factors have contributed to hair thinning. The topicals are often perfect for both men and women desiring to achieve a fuller head of hair.
  4. Educating about laser hair therapy is an important component of the hair re-growth journey. If appropriate for your needs, laser caps can be done in the comfort of your own home and have been clinically proven to stimulate and energize the cells within the hair follicles.
  5. Administering in-office PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and ECM (extra-cellular matrix) sessions to stimulate hair re-growth. Concentrated platelets are derived from the blood of the patient after the blood is spun down in a centrifuge. It’s crucial that your healthcare provider has a specific centrifuge that is designed for this procedure to deliver the highest concentration of PRP. Please ask this question when you have a sit-down consultation with your healthcare provider. The PRP contains your body’s natural growth factors and stem cells that are injected into the scalp to enhance hair growth. When EMC is combined with your body’s PRP, the hair follicles have better function and results are incredible.

It’s best to start your hair restoration process as soon as you start to notice thinning hair or hair loss. Your hair regeneration is a journey. Find a healthcare provider who’s passionate and compassionate about your personal needs and has the expertise to give you success. You’ll most likely be prescribed a multi-therapy treatment plan for best results, and you’ll be so happy you took the first step to achieve thick, healthy-looking hair again.


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