Seven Steps to Get Your Mojo Back This Summer

By Dr. Sherrie Campbell


Mojo is that magical charisma you carry that makes you feel good and infectious to others. If you’ve lost your mojo and want to be a better you this summer, here are seven ways to get your mojo back and keep it flourishing:

Change your environment: Change the environments in your life that are grey and uninspiring. Do some of your work out of the office, redecorate your house and add more color, spend time on your patio, leave your cubical and go out for lunch. If you’re getting tired, get up and move to another room. Add music or white noise to create something soothing. Changing the appearance and location of your environments helps you to think in different and innovative ways that will increase your mojo.

Change Your Patterns: When you break your routines you essentially create a new life. Habits are easy but there is no risk in habit because ultimately habits are lazy. You cannot grow stuck inside the traps of familiarity and comfort. To get your mojo back, be brave. Buy that Groupon for the new class around the corner and give it a go. Change your diet, change your work out, change your wardrobe, and class-up your personal style.

Shift Your Priorities: Your daily schedule is a reflection of your deepest priorities. If you have zero fun, free time, or time for family and friends than you’re missing out on the juiciest parts of life. Robots do not have mojo. To re-ignite your mojo, schedule time for yourself first.

Invest in personal growth: Learn as much as you possibly can from other successful, happy people who want to share their wisdom with you. Make the effort to keep yourself in a place of personal expansion, whether that means going to seminars, meeting weekly with a coach or therapist, or reading books each night and writing goals.

Change your friends: If you’re lacking motivation and feeling down about everything, it might be time to upgrade your circle of influence. Negativity is contagious, as is positivity. Those closest to you should be those who bring out your best qualities, including your mojo for life’s adventures. Your net worth emotionally is the average of that of your five closest friends. When you hang out with successful, happy, fulfilled people, you elevate your own mojo, so choose wisely.

Change Your Thoughts: You are what you think. You cannot think negative thoughts and have powerful mojo. Thinking negatively doesn’t accomplish anything, it takes zero effort and is a lazy mojo-stealing habit. Discipline your mind towards achieving your goals.

Be Authentic: When you’re committed to loving and respecting yourself, you exude a quiet confidence. There is nothing more mojo promoting than authenticity and having a strong sense of who you are.

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