Floral Fun

These crafts show flower power can be crafty

By Shannon Fisher

Flowers can make great crafts from simple things you probably have in your home. These three show flower power.

Pom pom flowers are fun and can be made from extra yarn you have around. You can wrap around a fork or two fingers. Wrap the yarn around about 60 times. You can wrap less for a less fluffy pom or more for a bigger poof. After you have wrapped the yarn around, now slide off and place on a piece of longer string of about 6 to 8 inches.

Carefully tie around your string as tight as you can and knot so it is secure. Next, cut the loops with scissors. Use your fork to fluff the yarn if needed and then trim with scissors to shape if you want it more uniform. You can use a pipe cleaner for a stem or any other item you want to create a flower look. Enjoy your fluffy flowers!

Bookmarks can be a great way to preserve flowers and keep a memory close to you. We had some small dry flowers from a theater performance. You can press the flowers in a book first to make the next steps easier. Start with clear contact paper. Place the dried flowers on the sticky side of the paper and cover with another sheet sticky side down. Press together to get the air bubbles out. Cut the paper to a size of bookmark you want leaving space around the flowers, so they do not fall out. Last, hole punch the top for ribbon or string to tie on and you have a personalized flower bookmark.

Rustic flower boards can be a great addition to any room. We found pallet board frames for $5 on a Swip Swap site. Any craft stores will have them or you can make your own. We took a bundle of silk flowers and used a staple gun to attach the board. Once the flowers were attached, we used wire cutters to trim the extra length of the stems off. You could use hot glue if you do not have a staple gun, but it is best to pretrim the flowers and arrange them before gluing down. This made a fun addition to my daughter’s room and took less than 5 minutes to complete. You can add anything to a pallet board, but the floral bouquet was fun and easy. I hope you enjoy another month of crafting! 

Shannon Fisher is a local wife, mom of two girls and owner of Shannon Fisher Photography. She taught high school and elementary art before opening her photography business.

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