Easy Wreaths

By Shannon Fisher

Get in the holiday spirit with these decorations

December is here and it is the perfect month for making wreaths. We made three different types and all of the materials were from Dollar Tree.

We started with a green foam floral wreath. We painted it all white with acrylic paint and set aside to dry. While we waited, we heated up the glue and cut strings off some snowflake ornaments that came in a pack of 10. You can use a blow dryer to speed up the paint drying, but once the circle was dry, we added hot glue to the middle part of the ornaments and glued the snowflakes around the edge of the wreath. You could add ribbon or other decorations as well, but we liked the all-white and glitter look.

The next wreath was made from the green foam floral piece as well. Paint the wreath white again and set to dry. Next, we used white garland to wrap around the bottom half for a beard. You could also use white tulle cut in strips to tie around the bottom to create the beard. We pulled one piece of garland across the center for the mustache. We then hot glued the end and let dry. Add a Santa hat to the top and your wreath is complete.

The last wreath is on a wire floral form. We got two packs of small, red-and-silver ornaments. You could use any color, though. We found a cute snowman ornament and cut the string off and glued him to the bottom of the wreath. We then affixed the round ornaments with hot glue. Once you have it all filled in you are set to hang it.

These are the easiest wreaths and can be a great gift or kept for your own decor. I hope you have a great December of crafting.  

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