Cave Creek Regional Park: Kuma’s latest adventure is just around the corner

Cave Creek Regional Park 

Kuma’s latest adventure is just around the corner.

Told by Kuma & Written by Lorraine Bossé-Smith

I have a confession to make: I’ve been eating dirt out of my mom’s potted plants. I ate so much one day that I barfed dirt, and it came out the other end, too. I really upset my mom. I didn’t mean to worry her––honest. I just wasn’t happy that my humans took two—count ’em two—trips without me. How rude! They both involved airplanes, which I’m sure I wouldn’t like, but still. How fun could those trips be without me? So, I made it clear how I felt.

My mom took me to the vet to run tests. The result: I was fine, just bored. I guess that was part of it. I definitely missed my adventures with my humans. I have a great pet sitter; she visits twice a day, but it isn’t the same as having my family around. All that to say that my mom has been hiking the pill out of me! This past weekend, we drove to the Cave Creek Regional Park, which we’ve only been to once. Oh boy! A new place to sniff and explore. Woof!

Cave Creek Regional Park is right off the Carefree Highway west of the town of Cave Creek. If you take the I-17, exit Carefree Highway and head east for 7 miles or so. You’ll see the sign on the left. This park charges $6 per vehicle, so be sure your humans bring money. Dogs are most welcome on leash.

We chose the 3 ½-mile loop, but you have lots of options from short to long. We parked at the first lot and got on the Overton trail. We didn’t go too far before we saw a sign for the Go John Trail, and we hiked this up and around a mountain. This desert has more lava rock and unique mountains than others we’ve hiked. It was quite pretty. Because they require a fee, it wasn’t as busy as some other trails would be on a weekend, and we didn’t feel like we would be run over by a mountain biker. That’s a good thing!

Still, we found plenty of folks to say hello to and allow them to adore me. The trail was very dusty but not too rocky. Our hike was moderate in difficulty. Along the way, you’ll find some benches with great views of Phoenix. The park has lots of picnic tables and pavilions as well. It is a place you could spend some time.

As we turned to make our way back, we passed the other two parking lots. We had to walk along the road from the third parking lot back to ours. My mom doesn’t like that because I don’t walk a straight line. Humans and dogs need to watch out for cars along this stretch that takes you back to the Overton trail––up a hill and back to where we started.

We all had to shake the dust off, but it was worth it. We enjoyed the scenery and time outside. This is yet another wonderful local gem. We live in a great place.


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