Boulder Creek’s StuGo hears requests as they ramp up for 2018-2019 next school year

Student Spirit 

Boulder Creek’s StuGo hears requests as they ramp up for 2018-2019 next school year.

By Emma Suttell

Behind every spirited event at Boulder Creek High School is a tight-knit team upkeeping all of the school’s traditions. Looking forward into the new year, students can count on Boulder Creek’s Student Government (referred to as “StuGo” on campus), to bring the thunder with several new events this year, the majority of which have been requested by students.

For several members of StuGo, such as Student Body President Hayden Miller, being able to collaborate with students throughout his day is one of many highlights to his position. “Being a students allows us the ability to have other classes and connect with peers to get insight on events that they want,” he says. “Then we can bring the ideas to the team to start planning it for next year.”

So what are some of the events that students can plan on for this year?

Taking the initiative from a previous tradition, StuGo has decided to add in another highly-anticipated event to the lineup. One homecoming tradition might ring a bell to parents and faculty: the Powderpuff Game. While in previous years at BCHS, boys have dressed up as the opposing team’s cheerleaders prior to the homecoming game, this year, girls in the junior and senior class will also be able to show their school spirit and go against each other in a flag football game.

Following up the Powderpuff Game in first semester, students can revel in a different take of a familiar game from previous years. Mirroring a previous event advertised as the Student versus Teacher Basketball Game, this year, the Jags are hosting an all-out Boulder Creek Dodgeball Tournament. This new event, where students and even teachers will be able to play in an elimination-based tournament, will begin shortly after spring break.

As for students looking forward to the two big dances of the year––prom and homecoming–– StuGo is promising exciting theme weeks and a beautiful venue for prom. Unfortunately, theme days and the prom venue will remain confidential for now, but StuGo has no doubts that both elements will be wildly popular with the entire student body.

Familiar events such as the Mr. BC Pageant, assemblies, numerous pep rallies, and the talent show will still make their mark on campus this year, but StuGo is elated more unique and student-inspired events are on the table this year.

One StuGo secret that not many students are able to see from the outside is the amount of effort these student leaders put in outside of class. Not only do they have student government each day during fourth hour, but these spectacularly spirited students sacrifice time after class, on weekends, and during school breaks to ensure that they are well prepared to serve the students of the Boulder Creek community. This year, before teachers head back to their classrooms, the students of StuGo have several weeks of training and a state-wide conference to solidify their skills before returning to campus.

StuGo has operated under the wing of their leader, Caitlin McAndrew, for several years at BCHS. Also a language arts teacher, Caitlin balances multiple classes of students with the immense planning and leadership training that she is always preparing for StuGo. She pours all of her love, effort, and time into her students’ lives throughout the school year; many of her StuGo and english students emphasize how lucky they are to have her as part of their team throughout the year.

StuGo even offers a way for students to voice their opinions throughout the year at monthly sessions called Youth Town Hall. Students can come into the StuGo classroom during lunch and give the leadership team their advice and input for numerous events, all while receiving pizza for lunch in the process. It’s a fantastic way to stay involved on campus, even if students aren’t able to fit the full experience of StuGo into their daily schedules.

Looking at the year ahead, students can depend on a vastly different year from years past. Especially for the incoming eigth graders, the Boulder Creek Jaguars can’t wait to welcome you in this year.



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