Beyond Bookkeeping

Beyond Bookkeeping

Business Bookkeeping Resolution offers accounting, payroll, tax preparation and advisory services

By Heather Maxwell, Executive Director, Anthem Area Chamber of Commerce


The mission of Business Bookkeeping Resolution is to empower business owners to be more successful and more in control of their business finances without taking their focus away from core and revenue-generating activities.

Edina Halilovic, owner and founder of Business Bookkeeping Resolution, originally moved to Phoenix in 2000 and has been living in the North Valley since 2015. She is a graduate of Arizona State University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration in finance. Halilovic is also an IRS-registered tax preparer and authorized E-file provider.

After being in the accounting industry for over seven years, Halilovic decided it was time to venture out on her own and she says it was the scariest and the best decision she ever made. Now BBR will be celebrating six years in business this January. After working everywhere from large corporations to small privately owned businesses, Halilovic found she enjoyed working with small-business owners because she was able to see the whole picture and the impact her day-to-day actions could make on the businesses’ success.

“Growing up, my mom was an accountant and my grandfather had multiple businesses – restaurant, bakery and lounge – so I have been familiar with the struggles of small businesses and importance of running a business through its numbers,” Halilovic says. “Accounting is the story of your business. Accounting records tell us how the business is doing, what is going well and what items need more attention. Running a business is hard and between managing day-to-day operations, keeping focused on the big picture such as growing and creating profits, and then balancing work and personal time, it can seem never-ending and exhausting. However, if you want your business to succeed, you need to know how to measure it and know your numbers. Having accurate and up-to-date financial records is absolutely crucial. Running a business without knowing its numbers would be like driving a car without a dashboard.”

Having your books done just to get your taxes filed are long gone. More and more business owners are starting to understand the importance of having timely and accurate financial data, and those who are using it are getting ahead of their competition. BBR is not your regular bookkeeping service provider. Instead, they are cloud-based and tech-focused, bringing you the latest technology in the accounting industry to improve efficiency and deliver timely reports.

“Outsourcing accounting needs and choosing the right service provider can be scary and overwhelming. I understand that because I am a business owner myself and I have had hard time outsourcing certain tasks myself,” Halilovic says. “When I created BBR, I created it in mind that most business owners like what they do and – let’s be honest – most business owners find accounting boring. So I wanted to create a resolution to their accounting and bookkeeping needs. An easy and efficient process for the business owner to have up-to-date financials and help and support they need that fits into their busy schedule.”

“When I acquire a new client, first I make sure that I understand business operations, so that everything is set up according to the business needs, then I guide the client through the process – as minimal or as involved as the client wishes – and when work is done, we review the findings together,” Halilovic continues. “Additionally, each client receives a short tutorial of how to read their financial statements, what items to watch out for and also a review of their accounting system, so they can log in and check on the status anytime they wish to. I believe in empowering business owners to understand and use financial statements to their advantage and run their businesses through the numbers so they can make the best possible decisions. I truly see my client’s success as my success.”

Six years ago, Halilovic started out with no clients and says that over 95 percent of clients have been acquired through networking and referrals. In addition to helping local business owners, BBR has national and even international clients.

“After moving to the North Valley, I have decided that I wanted to join the Anthem Area Chamber of Commerce to network and grow my business closer to home,” Halilovic explains. “The Anthem Area Chamber of Commerce has played a big role in creating a larger local presence and customer awareness. Today, most new networking inquiries are locally based and for client convenience, we have added an office in Anthem in the Anthem Area Chamber of Commerce office.”

“My advice?” Halilovic adds. “Run your business by the numbers to build success for yourself, your employees and your community.”  

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