Ageless: Dr. Kelly Collins talks the power of Sermorelin/Peptide therapy


Dr. Kelly Collins talks the power of Sermorelin/Peptide therapy.

As anti-aging medicine has become more and more of an interest to many of my patients, I feel it’s important to discuss Sermorelin, also known as growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH).

The positive effects this type of hormone therapy has on physical wellbeing are vast and I have experienced, first-hand, the profound effects Sermorelin has had on my body. Sermorelin falls into a similar category as human growth hormone, but unlike synthetic HGH, Sermorelin has been proven to be extremely safe with few or little side effects.

Sermorelin stimulates the pituitary gland in our brains to produce completely natural growth hormone again at levels similar to when we were younger. As we move into our 30s, the levels of naturally occurring growth hormone our bodies produce diminishes significantly. We may start to experience unwanted symptoms like low energy, weight gain, poor sleep, sluggish digestion, low libido, and many other signs of aging. By supplementing Sermorelin on a daily basis, you’re supporting your body to look and feel young again.

Because the use of Sermorelin has risen in recent years, it’s extremely important to get a prescription from a reputable healthcare provider with a medical license. There are good compounding pharmacies that will formulate Sermorelin depending on what the physician determines the patient’s individual needs are at the time of an office visit. The experienced physician can then supervise Sermorelin therapy and adjust potency, as needed.

While Sermorelin is often administered as an injectable with a tiny needle similar to what diabetics use for insulin, I’ve found great success using Sermorelin troches, or tiny lozenges. I’ve been dissolving a Sermorelin lozenge under my tongue every night at bedtime for about six months now. Every month, I’ve witnessed more and more positive effects on my own body.

I have never felt as lean as I do now, at age 50. I’m even a couple of pounds lighter than I was in high school, and I definitely have a lower fat percentage. And, trust me, I’m not obsessive and overly strict with my diet. I’m able to indulge in tasty treats occasionally, and I still don’t gain fat or weight. My strength, mental clarity, skin elasticity, and sleep are all improved to where I feel like I’m in my 20s again. Sermorelin therapy restores youthfulness and has so many beneficial health effects on our bodies. Both women and men benefit from Sermorelin supplementation, and it’s even safe for children who suffer from a deficiency in the production of natural growth hormone.

I often combine Sermorelin with two other safe substances called growth hormone-releasing peptides. These peptides, GHRP2 and GHRP6, are added to the Sermorelin lozenge to amp up the effectiveness of supporting the pituitary to produce the anti-aging benefits of natural growth Hormone. GHRP2 is a perfect addition to Sermorelin because it acts as a natural appetite suppressant and encourages fat loss. GHRP6 also works similarly to Sermorelin, but it’s known to reduce inflammation and pain in the body and encourages faster muscle recovery after workouts.

The addition of these two peptides to Sermorelin is natural and will serve to boost the power and effectiveness of the therapy. And, because our body produces growth hormone naturally while we sleep to aid in recovery and repair, Sermorelin, combined with growth hormone-releasing peptides, is best taken at night before bed to achieve ultimate anti-aging effects. Each month that my patients continue with this therapy, significant improvements will be noted for health concerns and physical appearance.

Visit a healthcare provider with lots of experience in administering Sermorelin therapy and watch your body change for the better. After six months of this therapy, you will feel like the best version of yourself you could ever imagine.



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